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Virginia Tech Building Abbreviations and Descriptions

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  • Abbreviation Description
    AA Architectural Annex
    ADRF Architecture Demo & Res Fac
    AGNEW Agnew Hall
    AIR Airport Hangar
    AIRCN Air Conditioning Plant
    AIRPT Airport Terminal
    AIRSH Airport Shop
    AJ E Ambler Johnston East
    AJ W Ambler Johnston West
    AJPAV Animal Judging Pavilion
    AQUAC Aquaculture Facility
    ARMRY Armory (Art)
    ART C Art & Design Learning Center
    ASAB Bldg 270G (A&S Admin)
    B270C Bldg 270C (Randolph Annex)
    B270D Bldg 270D (Elec Engr)
    B270E Bldg 270E (Vet Med Mod Lab)
    B270F Bldg 270F (Math)
    BAR Barringer
    BEEF Beef Barn
    BFH Bishop-Favrao Hall
    BFPC Wood Processing Lab
    BHAPT Bull House Apartments
    BIOMP Biobased Materials Proc Lab
    BOOK University Bookstore
    BRNCH Branch Building
    BRO Brodie
    BROOK Wood Engineering Lab
    BULL Bull House
    BUR Burruss Hall
    BURCH Burchard Hall
    CAM E Campbell East
    CAM M Campbell Main
    CAM Campbell Arena
    CAPRI Capri Building
    CARNA Campbell Arena
    CEC Continuing Education Center
    CEN Central Stores
    CHAP War Memorial Chapel
    CHEDS Cheds (Library Annex)
    CHEMP Chemistry Physics Building
    CHRNE Cochrane
    CIC Cranwell Int'l Center
    CMMID Center Molecular Med Infec Dis
    CO Cowgill Hall
    COLAV Architecture Studio
    COL Cassell Coliseum
    COLS2 Collegiate Square Two
    COLSQ Collegiate Square
    COTA Skelton House II
    CPAP Thomas Conner House
    CSB Career Services Building
    CSSER Center for Space Sci & Engr Re
    DAIRY Dairy Barn
    DAV Davidson Hall
    DB Donaldson-Brown Hall
    DBHCC Donaldson Brown Hotel & Conf
    DEEMR Deemer House
    DER Derring Hall
    DF Drill Field
    DOGK Dog Kennel at Incinerator
    DRAPA Draper Annex
    DTNA Downtown North
    DTRIK Dietrick Hall
    DURHM Durham Hall
    EGG E Eggleston East
    EGG M Eggleston Main
    EGG W Eggleston West
    ELECS Electric Service Bldg
    EMPOR Math Emporium
    ENGEL Engel Hall
    ENGLF English Bball Field & Pressbx
    FEM Femoyer Hall
    FRALN Fralin Biotechnology Center
    FSBRN Free Stall Barn
    FST Food Science & Technology Lab
    GALRY The Gallery
    GBJ G. Burke Johnston Student Ctr
    GBLDG Graves Building
    GH A2 Greenhouse A2
    GH A3 Greenhouse A3
    GH A4 Greenhouse A4
    GH A5 Greenhouse A5
    GH A6 Greenhouse A6
    GH A7 Greenhouse A7
    GH F1 Greenhouse F1
    GH F2 Greenhouse F2
    GH F3 Greenhouse F3
    GH F4 Greenhouse F4
    GH F5 Greenhouse F5
    GH F6 Greenhouse F6
    GH F7 Greenhouse F7
    GH F8 Greenhouse F8
    GH F9 Greenhouse F9
    GH Greenhouse
    GLCDB Graduate Life Ctr Dnldsn Brown
    GOODW Goodwin Hall
    GRNDP Old Grand Piano Building
    GROVE The Grove (President's House)
    GYM War Memorial Gymnasium
    HABB1 Human & Ag Biosciences Bldg 1
    HAHN N Hahn Hall North Wing
    HAHN S Hahn Hall South Wing
    HAHN T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. Hall
    HAN John W. Hancock Jr. Hall
    HARP Harper
    HEND Henderson Hall
    HILL Hillcrest
    HLDYN Holiday Inn Express
    HOLD Holden Hall
    HOLTZ Holtzman Alumni Center
    HORSE Horse Barn
    HOSP Henderson Hall Hospital
    HUTCH Hutcheson Hall
    ICTAS Inst for Crit Tech & Appld Sci
    ILOT I-Lot Shack
    ILSB Integrated Life Sciences Bldg
    INCIN Incinerator
    INS Insectary Bldg
    ISCE Inst for Soc, Culture & Envir
    JCH Julian Cheatham Hall
    JOHN Johnson
    KAMF Kroehling Adv Material Foundry
    KENT Kent Square
    LANE Lane Hall
    LARNA Alphin-Stuart Arena
    LARTS Liberal Arts Building
    LATH Latham Hall
    LEE Lee
    LFSCI Life Sciences I
    LIBR Carol M. Newman Library
    LIBSF Library Storage Facility
    LITRV Litton-Reaves Hall
    LOMAS Lomascolo House
    LYRIC Lyric Theater
    MAC Moss Arts Center
    MAINT Maintenance Building
    MAJWM Major Williams Hall
    MCB McBryde Hall
    MCCOM McComas Hall
    MEDIA Media Building
    MEQSD Metal Equipment Shed
    MILES Miles
    MIL Military Building/Laundry
    MMLAB Mining and Minerals Lab
    MON Monteith
    MPOOL Motor Pool
    MRYMN Merryman Athletic Facility
    MSPRT Metal Stor Bldg-Practice Flds
    NCB New Classroom Building
    NCH New Cadet Hall
    NEB New Engineering Building
    NEW Newman
    NHW New Hall West
    NOR Norris Hall
    NOVAC VT/UVA Northern VA Ctr
    NRH E New Residence Hall East
    NRH W New Residence Hall West
    NVC VT/UVA Northern VA Ctr
    OBSRB Observatory
    OSHA O'Shaughnessy
    OSP Oil Storage Pump House
    OWENS Owens Hall
    P HSE Price House
    PAB Performing Arts Building
    PACKA Pack Associates
    PACK Pack Building
    PAM Pamplin Hall
    PAT Patton Hall
    PAYNE Payne
    PH460 Playhouse 460
    PHALL Pearson Hall
    PK PK
    POWER Power House
    PRC Brooder House
    PRICE Price Hall
    PRINT Print Shop
    PRT E Pritchard East
    PRT W Pritchard West
    PRT Pritchard
    PSCA Bldg 270 (Psyc Srv Ctr Annex)
    PSC Psychological Services Center
    PWCOM Pointe West Commons
    PY Peddrew-Yates
    RAND Randolph Hall
    RASCH Rasche
    RCTR1 Riverside Center 1
    RCTR2 Riverside Center 2
    RECRE Recreation Area Storage Bldg
    RFH Rector Field House
    ROB Robeson Hall
    SANDY Sandy Hall
    SARDO Sardo Laboratory
    SAT Satellite Tracking Station
    SAUND Saunders Hall
    SEB Signature Engineering Building
    SEC Old Security Building
    SEITZ Seitz Hall
    SGCTR Southgate Center
    SHANK Shanks Hall
    SHEEP Sheep Barn
    SHULT Shultz Hall
    SKEL Skelton House
    SL TW Slusher Tower
    SLUSH Slusher Wing
    SM CC Smith Career Center
    SMYTH Smyth Hall
    SOL Solitude
    SPC A Special Purpose Housing A
    SPC B Special Purpose Housing B
    SPC C Special Purpose Housing C
    SPC D Special Purpose Housing D
    SPC E Special Purpose Housing E
    SPC F Special Purpose Housing F
    SPC G Special Purpose Housing G
    SPC H Special Purpose Housing H
    SPC I Special Purpose Housing I
    SPC J Special Purpose Housing J
    SPC K Special Purpose Housing K
    SPC L Special Purpose Housing L
    SPC M Special Purpose Housing M
    SPC N Special Purpose Housing N
    SPC O Special Purpose Housing O
    SPC P Special Purpose Housing P
    SPC Q Special Purpose Housing Q
    SPC R Special Purpose Housing R
    SPCCS Central Services
    SPCFH SPH Fiber Hut
    SPCRM Resident Manager
    SPEH SPEH - Transfer
    SQUIR Squires Student Center
    SSB Student Services Building
    STAD Lane Stadium
    STCTR Sterrett
    STEG N Steger Hall North Wing
    STEG S Steger Hall South Wing
    SUBS2 Metal Bldg at Substation 2
    SURGE Surge Space Building
    SWINE Swine Center
    SYSDEV VTCC Systems Development Ofcs
    T101 Theatre 101
    TC Indoor Tennis Courts
    TESKE Teske House
    THARV Timber Harvesting Lab
    THOM Thomas
    TORG Torgersen Hall
    UAIB Upper Air Inflation Bldg
    UCLUB University Club
    UPEST Urban Pest Control Facility
    VAW Vawter
    VM 1 Vet Med Phase 1
    VM 2 Vet Med Phase 2
    VM 3 Vet Med Phase 3
    VM 4B Vet Med Phase 4B
    VM 4D Vet Med Phase 4D
    VM 4 Vet Med Phase 4A (Lg Ani Iso)
    VM4C1 Vet Med Phase 4C-Non-Client
    VM4C2 Vet Med Phase 4C-Lg Animal
    VM4C3 Vet Med Phase 4C-Infcts Dis
    VMED Vet Med Research Center
    VMIA Vet Med Instructional Addition
    VTC VT/Carilion Medicl Sch/Res Ins
    VTINN The Inn at Virginia Tech
    VUAC Visitors & Undergrad Adm Ctr
    VVIEW Virginia View (Coll of Educ)
    WAL Wallace Hall
    WHIT Whittemore Hall
    WLH Lavery Hall
    WMS Williams Hall
    WRGHT Wright House
    WS A1 Wood Storage Building A1

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